Working as a Doctor in Child and Adolescent Services (CAMHS)


Working as a doctor in CAMHS, be it as a Consultant, Specialty doctor or trainee means that you are joining patient centered, innovative, inclusive and forward thinking team.

The Trust has a very positive and enabling attitude to continuing professional development. Within CAMHS, we have colleagues who have been supported by the Trust to continue with further degrees, for example a consultant in CAMHS was supported by the Trust to complete an MPhil. With strong links to the University of Hertfordshire, the Trust supports CAMHS doctors to take up research posts and one of our CAMHS consultants is a regional lead for CAMHS research. HPFT supports CAMHS doctors to take up positions of responsibility externally, for example one consultant is an assessor for the CQC.

CAMHS in Hertfordshire has been successful in gaining extra funds from the local CCG to increase staffing, both medical and non-medical. The CAMHS ED team won their bid to provide a comprehensive CAMHS ED service. This bid had strong support from the CCG’s and was able to attract all the available funding from NHS England. Currently CAMHS has secured a bid with NHS England for development of  tier 4 services locally. This will add a hospital at home team and a DBT service to the existing in-patient unit provision. We have also been asked to work with NHS England on development of a forensic CAMHS service. Our in-patient unit was successful in bidding for funds for a child and adolescent 136 suite.

The Trust has been very receptive to demands within CAMHS. A recent audit of consultant caseloads showed some had an excessive case load. The Trust responded promptly to this by increasing the number of consultant posts

The CAMHS service can also be proud of the standard of care given. The CAMHS national benchmarking exercise revealed that Hertfordshire CAMHS performed very positively.

The CAMHS ED team was nominated for 2 awards in 2016. The team was nominated for an award by the organisation “Positive Practice” and was awarded highly commended. The team was nominated for an HSJ award and won the compassionate patient care award for 2016. This award was earned by a very hardworking and committed team who feel fully supported by the leadership and values of this Trust.

The Trust is easily accessible from London and wit strong transport links sites easily accessible from central London. With opportunities to work in liaison, community and inpatient roles you can be assured you can flourish as a CAMHS colleague at HPFT.

What or CAMHS doctors thinks about working at HPFT:

Linda Zirinsky (Consultant Child and Adolescent psychiatrist)

“As a CAMHS psychiatrist at HPFT there would be opportunities to work across various specialities, indulge in your research interest, work towards management roles and work in a trust that has patient-centred values which are a core feature of how the whole Trust works, both for clinical and non-clinical staff.”

Olivier Van den Broucke (Medical Lead CAMHS)

“Being in HPFT CAMHS offers the opportunity to work in a holistic manner with colleagues from different disciplines who strive to improve the mental and physical well-being of young people. This includes working with the family and educational system. CAMHS clinicians use evidence-based therapies allowing young people to thrive in their communities in a safe and positive manner, improving their confidence that they are making a real contribution towards their recovery and development.”

If you are interested in working at HPFT please check our current vacancies.


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